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BalanceBox 400 Height Adjustable Flat Panel Wall Mount for TV and Touch Screen

BalanceBox 400 Height Adjustable Flat Panel Wall Mount for TV and Touch Screen

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Features and benefits:

Ergonomics           effortless high-low adjustment

Compact design    hidden behind the screen, black textured finish

Safety                    UL listed and CE (ISO 60950)

Manual                 no motor, no electricity needed

Reliability              tested to 60.000 cycles

Mounting             easy and safe mounting, different surfaces < 30 minutes

Logistics               compact packaging, relatively low transport costs

Maintenance        maintenance-free

Why Height Adjustable Mounts

Smooth and effortless


Hidden behind the screen

Choose your accessory


 For any size display



BalanceBox® 400

Interactive flat-panel solutions

The BalanceBox® 400 manual height adjustable mount is the perfect solution to move your touch screen up and down. The BalanceBox® 400 has a weight capacity of up to 95 kg (209 lbs) and a compact design with a black textured finish.

Make a choice between a wall mount solution, the perfect solution for the wall in your classroom or conference room, and the mobile stand, when it is more convenient to move your touchscreen around inside the room or from one room to another. Interface brackets for all screen sizes, floor support, and a mobile frame are available as accessories. 

BalanceBox® also introduced the x·line. This a-line of mobile stands and accessories specifically designed for the corporate market, like conference rooms, offices, and architectural projects. Truly unique because you can create your own style for your BalanceBox® 400.


What is BalanceBox used for?

Is everyone the same height? Easy this one, the answer is no! So what height do we mount the Interactive LEDs I hear you ask? Not such a simple question to answer so this is where height-adjustable wall mounts come into play. In general, a height-adjustable wall mount allows you to move the LED up and down with a certain amount of travel so that you can make it easier for both the taller users as well as the shorter users of the LED. These wall mounts that are height adjustable can either be manually adjusted or they can be electric. There are pros and cons of each – but the decision, in general, is that electricity tends to be a lot more expensive. The range of height-adjustable wall mounts that we offer with our TouchIT interactive LEDs is called BalanceBox.

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